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Launch of Mindmaps Directory

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I’ve just launched a directory of mindmaps and similar diagrams from around the web, at   There are more than 250 diagrams now, many more are lining up to be added, and I will go on developing the directory.  You’ll find thumbnails and very brief descriptions which link to the original pages.

I’ve tagged them by subject and classified them by diagram type.  You can browse by page in the “all mindmaps” directory, use our search box, or click in the tag cloud to see all mindmaps with that tag.

There’s a set of links near the top left of the front page that says
Show only
True mindmaps
Concept maps
Bubble diagrams
Logic diagrams

Click one one of these to see only that type of diagram. You can also select a tag like “business” from the cloud and then see just the bubble diagrams tagged with “business”. I want to get this to work the other way round as well but it doesn’t yet.

This resource will be a useful one for educators, students, project managers, and businesses mindmappers.

Any links you can add from your website or blog to the directory will help other mindmappers find it – thanks!

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