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Hello 3D Topicscape Pro and 3D Topicscape Lite

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3D Topicscape 1.05 has just been retired.  3D mindmapping enthusiasts will be happy to hear that it has been replaced with 3D Topicscape Pro and 3D Topicscape Lite. 

Lite is a very capable tool with the 3D mindmapping attributes that users of Topicscape have come to expect. It is well able to organize ideas and information in a way that was never possible before Topicscape came along, but Lite has been designed with a simple interface in mind.  It works well for To Do lists, getting things done (GTD), task visualization and quick ideas sparking and capture.

3D Topicscape Pro moves on, to provide :

– really beefed-up import and export – to allow you to bring work done with other tools forward into Topicscape and extend it more than ever before possible (XML, OPML, text for reading, structured text, folders and files as well as MindManager and other software);

– the ability to make LiveLinks to items in Outlook (2000-2007) and many other products that support URIs, like MyInfo, Whizfolders, UltraRecall, EverNote and ConnectedText. This means you can link Topicscape to your work in other applications: click an occurrence in Topicscape and have a specific item opened for you in the other software.

– many skins so that you can choose the one suitable for your working environment;

– topic flagging – find topics that are important to you even quicker; – link Topicscapes with a precision link right to a specific topic;– richer ability to save web pages locally – better than Internet Explorer 7 – so you can retain complex pages, in most cases viewing them exactly as they appear on line.Topicscape Pro is the heavyweight lifter for complex project management, dealing with information overload and  organizing the long tail of reference information that most of us accumulate.

Everyone with a full license for Topicscape 1.0 can upgrade immediately to Topicscape Pro at no charge. If your Topicscape 1.0 trial has run out, I’m afraid downloading Pro won’t extend the trial period (sneeky tip: Topicscape Lite will give you another 30 days though).

Topicscape 3D mindmaps made in the Lite edition will work fine in Pro. Topicscape 3D mindmaps made in the Pro will work in Lite, but naturally you won’t see items not supported by Lite.

Pro users who are curious about Lite are welcome to download and try it for the Trial period. Don’t do a Data Repair with Lite if you want to use the same Topicscape in Pro, or you may find things missing.

The new Pro version is on-line and ready to download. If you have an old version (1.0 or a Pro Beta) installed and you have installed your license, then just install Pro on top and the license should work. If you decide to uninstall first, then you will have to install the new Pro version and then add the license according to the instructions in the license email. Uninstalling should not be necessary unless you have had a problem running. Beta users have had access to various Release Candidates for some time now, but even they should download the final release from the public download link and install on top. The links are at

You can also download the Skins installer. Close Topicscape, run the Skins installer, and when you open Topicscape again, the new skins will be there (View menu) for you to try out and to modify.Let us know at the support email if you have any problems. It’s been a hectic day getting rolling out all the new website changes and two new versions (our thanks to all the team) and it may take a day or two to settle down.We aiming to get an even more advanced version of Pro out soon.Our thanks to all the enthusiastic users who have given us suggestions. Many have been implemented in Pro, more will appear in the next Beta, and we continue to look at ways of bringing even more into Topicscape’s rich feature set.


Quick look at Lite and Pro   

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