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New Beta of 3D Topicscape Pro now on-line

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A new Beta version of Topicscape Pro, version 1.5 Beta, is now on-line.  You’ll need an account, which you will have if you have a full license or are a Beta User.  This is the second Beta release of Topicscape PE Pro and will be a free upgrade to all Topicscape 1.0 or Pro full license holders.  (More about applying for Beta User status at the end of this post).

An expired trial of Topicscape on your PC will not stop this Beta from running.  The Beta will expire on 30th April, but we shall either release a full version then, or release a new Beta with a later expiry date.

Here are some of the new things that the new Beta 1.5 does:

  • Exports your 3D mindmaps to FreeMind and imports FreeMind files to make 3D mindmaps.

  • Support thumb-drives / USB flash drives.

  • Starts more quickly.

  • Lets you capture knowledge in 3D concept maps using Association types to label links between topics.

  • Supports rich text descriptions for topics.  2000 characters of plain text descriptions for topics or occurrences.

  • Options to see a topic’s contents from the ‘Scape scene.

  • Option to see loose associations more conveniently.

  • Optionally uses your Google Desktop indexes for better file-content searching.

  • Shows history of search terms used.

  • Immediately jumps to the result if a search finds only one hit.

  • Flags occurrences with color, or as ‘Finished with’ and search with these as criteria.

  • See the “flagged” color of occurrences and topics in various lists for faster recognition.

  • Shows just flagged topics in the ‘Scape if F6 is pressed.

  • Toggles Quickzoom on and off, and fly while zoomed using CapsLock.

  • Provides a new shortcut for leaving the Topic Center (double-left click on cone wall).

  • ‘Tab’ around the topic in the ‘Scape.End, Shift+End, Page Up, etc., now work better.

  • New shortcuts to make topics and occurrences.

  • Can inform if a file dropped on the new “Duplicate?” panel is already in that Topicscape.

  • Can merge topics.

  • Offers to merge a topic and a folder with the same name when dropping the folder into Topicscape. 

Here’s the link for more about the new features and how to use them

And here’s the link for applications for Beta Users – we need some information about your PC to help us handle any bug reports.  If you apply, you will want to know this: We will only use your email address for the adminstration of the Beta tests and to inform you about new versions of Topicscape.  We will not pass the information to anyone else.  You can ask to be removed from our database at any time.

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