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Visualization, science and mindmapping site

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I just heard from Peter Jones who’s found Topicscape and linked to us, and went on over to his site to look around.  What a treasure!

 I hardly started and already I can see it soaking up a lot of time in the next few days (or weeks).  I entered at and it left me gasping.  I haven’t dared peek at /links.htm, /links3.htm and /linksIV.htm yet.  (Notice the interesting numbering system?  I wonder what he’ll use if he goes to a fifth links page.)

Now there are two kinds of link pages: The bang-everything-on-a-page (often as part of a link exchange) and “we’re done” type; and the analyzed, categorized and value-added type.  Peter’s are decidedly value added.

Gotta go, there’s a page of links waiting for me…


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