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Reviewer John P. Mello Jr. asked us if we knew that McAfee SiteAdviser has classified our Web site as “red,” red.jpg which means it should be avoided.

Well, we do know, and we’re very frustrated at being unable to do anything about it despite emails and faxes to McAfee, comments left on the SiteAdvisor blog and submitting the site for re-evaluation three weeks ago.

If you read the SiteAdvisor report on, you’ll see that they tested 29 downloads from our site and all are shown by SiteAdvisor as free of adware, spyware, etc., with a green tick and on the full report a zero on the nuisance meter in all cases.  This is what matters to our customers.


How this happened is that we had links to some software download sites that carry Topicscape that were green when we made the links, but that have since turned red.  Ironically, the links resulted from our adding a link to the download sites’ “spyware and virus free” test reports for 3D Topicscape.

As soon as I saw the red SiteAdvisor rating and found the reason I had the links removed, and we have checked all other links.  In fact while checking links, we found another site we were linking to that was rated orange, but their SiteAdvisor downloads report showed that they offered adware, spyware and even a virus!

I’ve been an enthusiastic user, and reviewer for SiteAdvisor for 18 months, long before Topicscape went public. As a result I was well aware of the value of what they are doing, and checked all sites that I submit the software to to make sure they are green.  I have reported 163 phishing sites so far, which makes it doubly frustrating that links that fester turned red as well.

Bravo SiteAdvisor for stopping the bad guys, but . . . .


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