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Getting faster 3D Topicscape downloads

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You may know that we are based in Hong Kong. 

We are part-way through implementing an improvement for users in the Americas and Europe by providing a server in the USA, which should give faster downloads to you if you are not in Asia.

These will come from our embryo site

We have great plans for that site as a source of reference on organizing information in the age of info overload.  Meanwhile, we shall take advantage of it to save you time when downloading from us.  So if you’re in the Americas or Europe and see a link on our site that offers to download from there, don’t be surprised when the download shows up as from  

For users in Asia, Australasia or Africa, the download will be faster directly from’s site.

Right now, only 3D Topicscape Student Edition is on there, but we expect to add others soon.


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