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Critical fix made to Topicscapes Pro and Lite

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New versions with fixes are now on line: 3D Topicscape Pro 1.57 and 3D Topicscape Lite 1.11

A user reported a problem resulting from an action that we had never anticipated: If you drag a partition (that is, a logical disk drive, not a folder) into 3D Topicscape Pro 1.56 or earlier, or Topicscape Lite 1.10 or earlier, the software gave an error report and lost files and folders.  In the nearly two years that users have been making 3D mind maps and organizing their information with Topicscape, we believe no one has tried this operation on a partition before, or even thought of it.  Fortunately, we were able to help the user to rescue all his files.

Do not try the action described with any versions of 3D Topicscape Pro before 1.57 or Lite before version 1.11 because you WILL loose files and folders.

Using the import functions to make a new Topicscape or a floating topic from a partition was already prevented by earlier versions of Topicscape Pro, but not Lite.

3D Topicscape Pro version 1.57 and Topicscape Lite version 1.11 now detect and prevent such a drag operation and give an explanatory message.

To import an entire partition into Topicscape, you could make a new folder in the root directory of the partition, and drag all the other folders into it.  Then drag that single folder to Topicscape.  Note that generally an entire partition would make a very large Topicscape, and if you chose the move or copy option, the contents of the whole partition would end up as a sub-sub-folder of your ‘My Topicscapes’ folder.

You may download the latest Topicscape installers here:


P.S.   A note to avoid uncertainty: This does not apply to the Student Edition, because that does not support dragging in folders.

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