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The design and building of an information organizer

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At our sister site, there’s the story of how Topicscape came to be built – the journey through various tools, ideas (even involving ‘programming’ in clay, would you believe?) and realization of the ideas.

Read the much-illustrated story, with its subplots about transparent yellow files, slanting shelves and roadmaps, here:


If you hadn’t noticed on the download page, the server is the site from which most people download Topicscape.


PS, if you like you can skip straight to the bit that interests you:
Visual representation
Find the best visual form for information management
Be concrete – Go to 3D
3D information manager took shape
What must an information manager do
So we have organized the information now we need to use it
Information management for reference information
Information management for research
Information management for to do lists

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