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Things you remember … and things you don’t

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Why do we remember urban myths like “Criminal gangs are drugging people and then stealing their kidneys” but forget details like the recommended daily alowance of iron for an adult?  (It’s 14 mg, by the way.)

Chip and Dan Heath set it all out in “Made to Stick”, with tested convincing evidence, as well as recommendations and summaries you can act on.

We’ve been publishing a directory of mindmaps from all over the web … stay with me, I’m not wandering off topic … for a couple of years now, but I’ve never included any of my own maps before.  Well, with books I value and intend to go back to again and again, I make detailed mindmaps.  “Made to Stick” spurred me to that, and I decided to publish it on, and have an entry for it in the directory.

I hope this spurs you to read the book – I believe anyone who communicates with others in writing or in presentations can benefit.  The mindmap is no substitute for reading the stories, examples, ideas and suggestions in the book itself.  But already I’ve found that it gives a quick reminder when I’m contemplating something new to write or speak about.


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