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Update to 3D Topicscape Student Edition (the free one) released

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Just in time for the start of the school term, a new version of 3D Topicscape SE has just been released.  This is SE v.1.1 and has the following improvements:

  1. It now runs with Vista’s Aero Theme if the PC is Aero-capable (and if you use Intel graphics hardware, do be sure to get their latest driver).
  2. It starts and runs more quickly, and shows smoother flying (within the limits of the PC and graphics hardware).
  3. It has a new way of showing the structure (relationship names of all topics to the Current Topic).  Press Ctrl+A once to see this.  This display times-out after 5 seconds and then goes back to showing your own topic names.  Alternatively press Ctrl+A again to revert immediately.
  4. Button icons have been improved.
  5. The location for viewing  the Home position (on pressing the Home key) has been improved.

Please download the installer from here: and install it on top of the older version (or install it for the first time). 

As ever, it is FREE – free to download, and free to go on using permanently.  If you’re not familiar with this edition, click this link to see a comparison of features for the three editions of Topicscape.



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