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3D Topicscape Pro v.1.63 released


Special-character handling improved

We had a plea from Enrique in Spain Mexico! (oops … thanks for the correction Enrique) to support his searches for words that included accents and diacritics such as à and  ñ .  Topicscape has been able to display these OK from the beginning, but searching for something like señor only worked when the word or phrase was in quotes – and that was slower and less flexible than the regular Topicscape search.

Now, searching with a wide variety of commonly-used Western European characters is fully supported in 3D Topicscape Pro 1.63.  It can handle searches for words including all the following Latin alphabet characters with diacritics and ligatures:


The search will ignore case, so a search for señor will match a topic called SEÑOR MARQUES.

Easier license installation

When you buy 3D Topicscape, we send you a license file by email.  In the past this file had to be renamed and placed in the correct location manually.  Now we have added an item to the Help menu to do it for you.  Just drag the license file attachment from the email to the Desktop on your computer, select the “Install license . . .” item from the Help menu and the license will be loaded to the right place.  You might well ask “How can I do that if Topicscape has expired and I can’t start it to get to the Help Menu?”  Well, there’s a new item on the main programs menu: Start > All programs > License Installer.  That will do the same thing.

Import from Wkimindmap fixed

Have you tried Wikimindmap?  If not, give it a go, it’s great fun.  It will take a Wikipedia article and turn it into an on-line mindmap that you can browse through.  And it can export the results to a FreeMind mindmap.

We recently found that an unusual structure in the FreeMind files it generates gave incorrect results when imported to Topicscape.  The files do not include some data (a node attribute) that Topicscape expected to be there.  This has been worked around now.

Bug fix

We also found that Topic group coloring* was broken.  If you selected the option to color topics to show how they are grouped, next time you opened Topicscape, the setting had changed to ‘Each topic to have its own color’. 
* Topic group coloring is set as follows: Tools > Options > Skin > Flag and color usage > Free choice of topic colors > Set topic colors according to topic groups

Now it does not forget your wishes.


  1. Well, I am actually in Mexico, but that’s ok :). Just a quick note to thank you for the great interest you took, and the work you did, while testing this version. Great costumer support!

    Best wishes,

  2. Sorry Enrique – I’m betraying my European background, there! Yes, probably a minority of the world’s Spanish speakers live in Spain.

    Now corrected.