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Hand-drawn mindmaps face-off: Part 2 — Survey results

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A month ago, I set up The Great Hand-drawn Mind Mappers Face-off when I invited you to tell me your favorite maker of hand-drawn mindmaps from the best five I had found.  I had a survey on the subject as well.  In response, your comments, direct emails and responses to the survey came in, telling me of other mappers that you thought I should know about.

Soon, I’ll post about these additional mindmappers who produce high-quality work by hand, with examples and links to their work, but first the results of the survey.

As I said originally, this was not a survey about “who’s best”, but rather who is your favorite amongst the five.  I wasn’t very surprised that more people said that Adam Sicinski was their ‘absolute favorite’ than anyone else, with Austin Kleon a close second and Jamie Nast third.  Paul Foreman had very solid support in the ‘I really like this’ and ‘Pretty good’ columns – almost across the board, in fact.  All great mind mappers, though.

‘Imagination’, ‘Drawing capability’, and ‘Useful ideas and thinking’ played an almost equal part in influencing respondents’ choice of favorite.

I’m leaving this survey open, so anyone finding the original post can add their ideas.



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