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Hand-drawn mindmaps face-off: Part 3 New faces


I didn’t keep my promise to post the results of the hand-drawn mindmappers face-off on 6th October.  Sorry you were kept waiting with bated breath<grin>, but there’s a reason: I couldn’t find examples of the work of all the newly recommended mappers.  I’m still short of one (Nick Duffill’s recommendation, Elaine Collier, a former mindmapping world champion no less) but I feel I can’t hold this post up any more. Maybe I’ll be able to locate examples of Elaine’s work later.  [Update: I should have been looking for “Colliar”.  Thanks to Paul Foreman for putting me right.  Will post about her work later.]

As you may have seen, I did publish the results of the survey yesterday. 

“New faces” in the title here means “new to the face-off”.  The great hand-drawn mindmappers now added to my earlier list are no Johnny-come-lately artists.  

Clicking on any of these images takes you to the original page.

Nancy Margulies – her works – she calls them Mindscapes – are wonderful. I omitted her from the original list only because I couldn’t remember how to spell her name and therefore find her site. If you’re not familiar with her work, take a look at her Mindscapes site.  If your artistry and insight is, unfortunately, anything like mine, weep quietly as you do so.


Roberta Buzzacchino – Roberta’s work is in Italian – she works in public administration and has a legal background.

Alberto Martinez – is an engineer-turned-manager and an active mapper whose work has the simplicity and clean appearance of good business mapping.

Nancy White – Nancy has pages of work on Not all are mind maps.  She uses visual communication in her work as a presenter, writer, teacher, coach, facilitator, rapporteur.

Nancy Margulies - From knowledge management to knowedge participation 

Debbie Showler – Debbie is an IT consultant and certified Idea Mapping Instructor from Canada.

Vanda North – Vanda runs her own company: The Learning Consortium.  She was the founder and global director of the Buzan Centres from 1988 to 2006.

Lex McKee – I found Lex’s work by chance while searching for example of the work of mindmappers that commenters and survey respondents recommended.  He works with Vanda in the Learning Partnership.

 My thanks to all who filled in the survey, commented and gave me names and links to the work of other mindmappers who produce wonderful hand-drawn work.

The survey is still open, and any hints on other great producers of hand-drawn mind maps will be investigated with interest and probably blogged about.  Anyone with any leads to Elaine Collier’s work on the web?  [now solved]


  1. Wow, Roy, thanks for including me amongst such fabulous people! I’m beaming and the heat is now on!! 🙂

  2. Nancy, you do great stuff, but I wouldn’t want to make you feel under pressure, or anything!


  3. ciao roy,
    grazie per avermi scelto !

    bye, bye from italy 🙂