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Editing Wikipedia? Latest MindManager?

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Wikipedia?  Latest MindManager?  They’re connected?   How? One of its features: The ability to make active PDF files and Flash files from MindManager mind maps.

Recently I’ve been reading  read How Wikipedia Works (Ayers, Matthews and Yates), and mindmapping the key points as I went.  Now, I can share it with others who want a slim and quick summary of what it takes to work on Wikipedia – basic commands and policies you need to know about.

Maybe you’ll find this useful.  You can download the .mmap file, the .pdf, the Flash file or even a plain old .jpg.  The first three give you many useful active links to specific pages in Wikipedia.  If you use the image instead, you’ll have to key the URL in yourself, but they are set out in full in text on the map.

Here’s the article: Wikipedia Editing Essentials mindmap.


P.S.   Yes, I do still use 2D maps sometimes for my small-map needs!

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