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WikIT – a mind mapping wiki that you can add to

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InformationTamers has just released a factual, hype-free wiki, covering all forms of information mapping.

This is WikIT, the mind mapping wiki describing many different types of information map; when you would use each type; benefits and drawbacks; how to recognize them; how to use them in web sites; and a wide range of articles on business, personal and educational uses of mind and concept maps.  The authors draw on more than thirty years of mind mapping experience in personal life and across a wide range of businesses.

This wiki already has a very extensive content plan (mind mapped, naturally) with interactive maps on key articles and with substantial articles already included, covering:

♦ Information mapsInformation map types
Information map usesMind mapsCommon mind maps
Concept mapsConcept maps or mind maps? the choice
ClusteringCollaborating with mind maps
Creativity through mind mappingIdea maps
Personal uses of mind mapsProject planning with mind maps
Research on the webUse of mind maps in formal education
Visual thinking guidesSpidergrams … and many more.

There are many more sections than this.  Explore the interactive Flash mind map showing the overall plan for WikIT here: On this WikIT outline interactive mind map, you can click on the small + symbols to open branches, zoom or reduce the map, and click on the small link images to open pages in WikIT.

WikIT will not be limited to that plan, other items can be added – by you, if you wish.  WikIT is open for editing according to the policies described at the site.

See the All Pages list for a list of titles of all articles so far. This shows redirected titles in italics. It also includes titles as placeholders for planned articles. The names of these are preceded by a tilde (~) so that they appear at the end of the “All pages” table.



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