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“How to make a mind map” at WikIT

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Do you find all the blog posts about how to mind map take pretty much the same approach?  Most reword and dish up Buzan’s guidelines in a short page?  Well now there’s a new approach.  One that recognizes that why you’re mind mapping will affect how you go about it, the style of map you produce and whether you mind map on a computer or on paper.

It also helps first-time mind mappers overcome the ‘first level’ hump.

It gives worked examples.  One shows a map as it grows and describes the thinking and development process that typically takes place as we map.

Others illustrate different styles of maps for different purposes.

This is all at WikIT, the information mapping wiki, right here: How to make a mind map

There is a separate brief article about How to make a Buzan style mind map, with useful links to pages by Buzan himself and Illumine at its foot.

WikIT has a wealth of practical guidance about many forms of information map.



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