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3rd version of Topicscape Pro Beta 2.0

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There’s a new version of the Topicscape Beta that’s going through testing now, and it’s up on line.

But before going into the details, can we ask for more feedback on the Beta – things you haven’t already told us about?  (And thanks for all the feedback so far.)  Even if you’re not trying the Beta right now, we’re still glad to hear from you about Topicscape generally.

1. What is your experience when using the new Beta?  We know many people like it, they’ve told us, but what do you not like about it?  How could it be improved?

2. Did you download the skins to use in Beta? (If not, you can use the usual skins installer and install it, but select the Beta checkbox when the installation starts.)

3. Which skin do you mostly use?

4.  Do you tweak the skins to your own taste (for example by using the Skin button in the new swinging Quick Options panel)?

Feel free to include comment about aspects of Topicscape that exist in the pre-Beta version as well.

The additions / changes are as follows:

–  Deleting entire Topicscapes can now be done from the File menu so that you don’t have to dig around with Windows Explorer (thanks Alex).
–  Tags can now be edited or deleted throughout a Topicscape, so if you wanted to change all references to a tag “Tuesday meeting” to “Sales meeting”, or even delete all references to “Tuesday meeting”, this can be done in one operation (thanks Ian).

–  The Help system has been updated with most of the new capabilities described in detail.
–  In Vista, Topicscape’s capability to use Windows Desktop Search (WDS) for searching file contents, was broken.  This is now fixed (thanks to observation from “tireless Ian” again).

So, once more, we have user feedback to thank for these improvements.  Keep the suggestions coming folks, and thank you for all the input.

A quick reference to download locations is below.

Roy (follow me on Twitter @roygrubb for mind mapping tips and hints)

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