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“How to make a concept map” at WikIT

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 The philosophy of WikIT, the mind mapping wiki, is that no type of information map is “right” in all circumstances, and no set of rules works always, or even most the time.  Often, one of the various types of mind map will be very stimulating and fit our needs, while at other times a concept map serves us better.

cmapsWhen?  Well, if you’re trying to capture your knowledge of a topic, or build up knowledge as you study, a concept map is an excellent way to start, especially if you are a visual thinker.

Some people use the term “concept map” for any web that is not bound to the limitations of a strict hierarchy. This implies that any node/concept may potentially connect to any other node.  This is an important feature of concept maps that distinguishes them from mind maps, spider diagrams and the like.

Others stress the importance of relationships between concepts, and the linking phrases describing the relationship. The developers of concept maps included this requirement at an early stage when laying out this way of visualising knowledge.

Together, these two characteristics make concept maps a rigorous way of laying out knowledge and understanding visually.

WikIT has an article about how to make a concept map that gives a stage-by-stage example, with thinking discussed along the way.


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