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*Two* new versions of 3D Topicscape Pro

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1.  A new version of the current live Topicscape Pro – 1.64 – is on line,
2.  The release candidate (the one we hope will be the basis for the live launch) of Topicscape Pro 2.0 is also ready for download by Beta testers.

Topicscape Pro: 1.64

This is mainly a bug-fix release, but it has an improved support feature.

  • The License Loader is more user-friendly.
  • Windows Desktop Search in Vista was broken and now works again.
  • There is a new skin – ‘Hot cobalt’.  Why ‘Hot’?  . . . set a flag on a topic and watch it glow with a moody red heat.  Download the new skins installer.
  • When editing information in the Details Panel, in some cases it was possible to lose the changes made.  That is fixed.

This is likely to be the last release of 3D Topicscape Pro version 1 series, as we move on to version 2.

Topicscape Pro 2.0 final Beta

Full details are in the revised PDF file, again with the additional new features and changes (since the third release of this Beta) highlighted.

The additions / changes are as follows:

skinIncreased flexibility with Skins

  • for different Topicscapes.  If you don’t select a special skin, Topiscape will use whatever you have chosen as the standard (default) skin.  If you choose a skin for ‘this Topicscape’, Topicscape will remember that from then on.  This means that if you have many Topicscapes, you can recognize the Topicscape you’re working on immediately from its appearance.  There are 21 skins an all now, each of which can be customized further to meet your own needs and taste.
  • There is a new skin – ‘Hot cobalt’.  To see this you will have to download the skins installer and check the box to have it install for Beta. 

Extended Quickzoom

  • Now you can zoom along the 3D Hit and History Lists using the same Shift+mousclick (Quickzoom), as you use for cones in the ‘Scape.. The demo has been extended to cover the newly-introduced capabilities.

Help extended

  • Help has now almost caught up with all the goodness of Pro 2.0.  It will be fully up to date by the time 2.0 goes live.


  • A bug in editing in the Details Panel when it was brought up from the minimized position has been fixed.

This version expires on April 7th. It will be the last Beta 2.0 release, and we hope to have the live version out by early April.

(follow me on Twitter @roygrubb for mind mapping tips and hints)

The 3D Topicscape Pro 1.64 and the Skins Installer are here:

The beta is in the usual place.  Beta users, please log in first.

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