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Topicscape Pro adds 2D to its mind mapping capabilities

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3D-Scape is pleased to announce the availability of a Beta version of Topicscape Pro that adds a 2D option to Topicscape for occasions when smaller, simpler bodies of information are to be organized.

Unique?  Well Topicscape was already that, but now it’s even further ahead of the pack of software that organizes information visually.



Just about all of the functions of Topicscape in 3D are accessible in the new 2D view – with the exception of the broad view of the landscape, and the “sense of place” that tells you where you are instantly.  On a small or simple Topicscape, we know it’s not always necessary to have that broad view.

Version 2.5 of Topicscape Pro lets you flip between 2D and 3D as you wish, see contents of topics pop up in the Map or ‘Scape views, and see previews there as well.

  • 2D Map option. Flying is like Cooliris®
  • 2D maps are customizable, and individual modified appearances can be tied to a particular Topicscape.
  • In 2D select one of your own images for the background.
  • Flip backwards and forwards from 2D to 3D as you wish with Ctrl+w.
  • Optional new Google® Earth-style controls to fly and zoom in 3D.
  • See contents of topics anywhere; from contents list, open occurrences;
  • See previews of occurrences wherever an occurrence item can be seen (where Windows makes one available to Topicscape).
  • Topic name plates can have black lettering on a white background or the reverse.
  • Tunnel viewing improved.
  • Alt+Home provides a new Home position view.

Purchasers and past Beta Users, please log in first.  Then you can download the Beta installer.


The Beta version will work without a license, whether you have previously installed Topicscape or not, until December 15th. We plan to release the live 3D Topicscape Pro 2.5 or a new Beta before that date.

Beta 2.5 will co-exist with any live version of Topicscape you have on your computer. It does not change the format of your Topicscape data from version 2.15 and you can run any live version of Topicscape you may have installed on your PC at any time.

For purchasers of Topicscape Pro 2, version 2.5 will be a free upgrade when released to live. Purchasers of Topicscape Pro 1 will need to purchase an upgrade license to take advantage of the new capabilities of v.2.5.

Much more about what’s new

Details of Beta 2.5 are in the picture-rich What’s New document.

Your feedback

We’re keen to hear what you think, whether you find any problems, and what suggestions you have. You can contact us at beta [at] topicscape [dot] com for help and direct feedback, or use Topicscape’s Google Group.

We hope you enjoy the new version.


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