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A tale of South American music – not mind mapping


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  1. What a wonderful story! I grew up in Central and South America. My first trip to Machu Picchu was camping in the ruins under the Easter full moon in 1971. I was on an adventure, riding trains, boats, planes and hitching and scrambling through Chile, Bolivia and Peru with my cousin. We were both teenagers!
    But I have to dispute the story of an individual “saving” Andean music- it was alive and well in the early 70’s.We went to “penas” coffee houses, where folk musicians performed.I have memories of hearing it as a much younger child in Mexico as well.
    I do remember traveling briefly on that journey with a group of European musicians who were playing Andean instruments. Decades later, while studying paleolithic art in Dordogne, France. I was at a gathering on the shores of the Vezere River, in the lovely home of a friend of the professor. He had a record (yup-vinyl!) by the same musicians, with whom I had traveled. They were friends of his. At the time I knew the name. but it escapes me now. It could easily have been Louis’ brother! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Louis brother’s adventures were in the mid ’60s, so by early 70’s indeed the music was strong again.

    It was only hearsay from the brother, but the picture on the record sleeve was convincing and the surname (Favre) coincided. Wikipedia has him as a flautist, but I’m sure Louis told me he played the clarinet.

    And the music is great.


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