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Major update to Topicscape Student Edition (the free one)

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At long last, Topicscape’s free Student Edition has been upgraded to version 2.0, with many ease-of-use enhancements, incorporating some of the elements first seen in Topicscape Pro 2.0 :- 

  • Halo menu and associated dynamic help
  • Innovative swinging panels
  • Topic footprints
  • More Association line choices
  • Hotkeys on menus
  • Neighborhood views
  • Customize the Home view position
  • ‘Meaning of structure’ button
  • New demo covering multi-parent topics
  • Verified on Windows 7 

Topicscape Student Edition version 2.0

Here are the What’s New page and the main page of Topicscape SE information where you can download it. 

Topicscape SE is aimed at students wanting an easy and attractive way to record their web research and revision notes, and prepare homework and term papers.  It can import from FreeMind and export back to FreeMind.

It may not have the 2D/3D, tagging, import/export juicyness of Topicscape Pro 2.5, but it’s a useful tool for study . . . and it’s fun.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free?  . . .  and always will be.


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