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Hodges’ Health Career Model


I came across this site by Peter Jones long ago, and at the time spent several hours browsing its collection of well-organized and very interesting links on subjects organized under its main domains:

Recently Peter left a comment on a post at another of my blogs, and that reminded me of his interesting collection.  I started looking at how it might fit into a Topicscape.

Here are some screenshots showing the top level, a focus on one of the four domains (Sociology) and a deeper focus on one of the topics under that domain (Patients, Carers and Self-care):

      Larger image              Larger image              Larger image

Each topic cone has a link to the relevant page.  This renders four enormous pages of links as a 3D landscape organized under multiple topics and sub-topics.  You can zoom and fly around this, as well as center the landscape on different topics at will. 

I’m hoping to be able to publish this as an on-line Topicscape soon so that you can try for yourself, but I need to make sure that’s OK with Peter Jones first.

Watch this space!


  1. Hello Roy

    I picked up on your post 😉 and am really flattered by your comments and for your effort here which is really fascinating. Nice work! Regards my OK – *sure* I’m fine if you can just oblige me with the following:

    * Please include a link to the links page you feature (Links 3 Sociology whichever) and if you don’t mind the blog.
    * Plus I’d really like in turn to feature you and your graphics in a blog post if that’s OK?

    I’ve a draft post in mind about ‘fault tolerance’ and bringing the links into this.

    Keep me posted and thanks++ it makes the effort here worth the while!

    (I wonder if Topicscape can be used within Drupal…? …)

    Peter Jones
    Hodges’ Health Career – Care Domains – Model
    h2cm: help2Cmore – help-2-listen – help-2-care

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your permission. Yes, the Topicscape has links to the main page, your blog and the four pages of links. Each link on your pages has been made into a sub-topic and has a live link in the Description Panel for the topic. I won’t be featuring just one page, but the whole Topicscape – in other words all four of your links pages. Let me get the Topicscape on line before you post about it.

    I emailed you from and my gmail account to let you know about this post, but I can tell from your comment that neither of those made it through whatever spam filters yahoo uses. Let me know if you have a less aggressively-filtered email address – you can send it to me through the form at the foot of any page (including this one).

    On whether Topicscape can be run in Drupal, well, other than that it’s a CMS written in PHP, I know nothing about it. If we can get into email contact successfully, we could work together to try to get Topicscape WebView (a read-only Topicscape viewer) working in Drupal. Topicscape itself is a desktop app.



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