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WikIT, the mind mapping wiki in 3D

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OK now we’re getting there.

Here is the mind mapping wiki in 3D

Hover over a topic, and if it has a link, you’ll see an ‘open link’ button.  Click that to open the appropriate article in WikIT.

This is Topicscape WebView and it’s getting better all the time with user feedback, like the request to open web pages more easily.

You can fly, zoom, search and re-center the landscape on a different topic, just as with Topicscape itself.

  • To search: Just type.
  • To fly: Use keyboard cursor arrow keys (then add Shift, Alt or Ctrl).
  • Press the Home key to return to the starting position.
  • Slow zoom with + and on the number pad.
  • Dramatic Quickzoom: Hold Shift, then click on topic cones.
  • Hover over topics to see …
    • details in the Details Panel,
    • an enter button, and
    • sometimes an “open link” button.
  • Click a topic cone to reorganize the landscape around it.

Don’t forget you need an up-to-date driver for your 3D graphics hardware for WebView to work (just like Topicscape).  Here’s reference for Troubleshooting.



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