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DO fence me in


Being a really visual guy, I like to have everything in front of my face and visible.  So my PC’s Desktop is pretty crowded.

I used to group related items so that despite the large number of icons, I knew roughly where to look for things, but it wasn’t ideal.  Then I found Fences and order reigned:


Fences is free software that allows you to organize your icons visually in areas, much like Windows 3, but with less fuss over frames and titles.

And if you want to stop multi-tasking and focus, focus, focus – you can double-click the desktop and all the clutter disappears …


until you double-click again.

Recommended.  There’s a Pro version as well, but the free one is just fine for me.


  1. Interesting that as visual people, you choose to group all your icons on your desktop, while I don’t have a single icon on my desktop!

    On my Mac at home, Spotlight reigns supreme as I just need to key in a few characters to find the document/application that I need.

    On my Windows machine at work, I’m using the search facility built into the Start menu, so that I can quickly search for applications and documents.

    I’m very much a keyboard person and very rarely use the mouse during the course of the day.

    Have your tried this approach of using keyboard shortcuts before Roy, or does having shortcuts on your desktop work better for you?

  2. Hi Matthew,

    You can read what I think about indexers here:

    And I do have a few items on shortcuts, but I can’t retain enough in memory to cover all the things on my desktop. I envy you if you can. For me, if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!