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The “best” mindmapping software


I am often asked “Which is the best mindmapping software?”

It’s a complicated question, because I’m not one of those mind mapping fundamentalists who think that mind mapping has to be done one way no matter what the maps is for, no matter who’ll see it and no matter how long it is expected to live and grow … Oh, and before I forget, no matter what your budget is!

So I wrote an article on, talking about which software I’ve found best for what.

That was two or three years ago, and it needed an update, better organization and more images to help readers see the types of maps produced.  Moving the updated article to WikIT, the mind mapping wiki, seemed like a good idea as well.

That has all been done, and the result is here: Which is the best mindmapping software?

As it’s in wiki form now, I shall be able to keep it current more easily as well.


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  1. While its nice to have a list of all available memory maps, and I thank you, it doesn’t constitute a review of the various programs thus the title: which is the best mindmapping software is misleading and for those reasons also disappointing.

  2. It’s certainly not a list of all mind mapping software by a loooong way. But it is the collection of what I consider the best for their different purposes.