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Mapping News

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Two items that may be of interest to mappers:

A while ago, Nick Duffill published a paper on Root Maps (Oh yes! that’s not “route maps”).

I didn’t pick up on it until Wallace Tait referred to it on Twitter yesterday. And after seeing it, I felt it had to be part of WikIT.  And now it is: Root Maps

The other item is a guest blog post that I was recently invited to contribute at the Visualmapper blog.  It’s an overview of information map types and when to use the different varieties, all hanging off a large mind map which you can download in MindManager form, image or PDF.

I hope they will both be useful.


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  1. Dear Roy

    Hi. Thanks for your nice post.

    I’d like to introduce to you a new free cloud-based Mind Map
    from South Korea that I posted on my blog at

    Maybe you can highlight that on your blog. Or how can I do that myself (hightlight it on *your* blog)?

    Frankie Kam
    Melaka, Malaysia
    Moodler since 2008
    Stamford College Malacca