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[UPDATE March 21 2013]

One of the free mind mappers reviewed in the eBook is iMindMap Basic.  On 3/21/2013, ThinkBuzan made the following announcement:

“We are writing to inform you that from the release of iMindMap 6.2 next Tuesday, we will no longer be offering iMindMap Basic to new users.”  So from 3/26/2013, there is no free version of iMindMap.



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  1. Alex Grinenko, Sr says:

    This is my real e-mail address. I would like to subscribe to the newsletter please.

  2. Topicscape says:

    I replied to Alex by email apologising that our newsletter software rejected his email which was in the form – it seems its designer didn’t expect a one-letter domain name. I informed them.

    Meanwhile I manually entered the subscription request and he received the confirmation email, went through the confirmation process and is now happily signed up.

    If this happens to you, please email us via

    The Topicscape Team

  3. Brian Tehan says:

    Interested to read more detail on the options

  4. Rick Boyer says:

    Roy, thanks for making your pdf available! Very good information and great presentation too!

    For those interested, the eBook is basically an expansion of the information available in the “Which is the best mindmapping software?” article.

  5. Thanks for the appreciation Rick. I feel I should clarify that “Which is the best mindmapping software?” covers mainly paid-for software. Though there is a small overlap with the e-book reviews of free mind mapping software, I don’t see the e-book as an expansion, so much as covering a complementary range of software.

  6. Matthew T says:

    Thanks, I look forward to learning about and using mindmapping.

  7. thanks.


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