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 This is no longer under development


We had three expressions of interest in a web-based, read-only form of Topicscape, and produced a beta version, but when offered to those who had expressed an interest, they did not take up the offer. We therefore concluded that there was no market for this as a product.

WebBuild, WebLoad and WebView

Topicsight is a way of loading a Topicscape onto the web in read-only form so that others can explore it. They can fly around, zoom, enter topics, and open occurrences, pretty much as the owner of the Topicscape does, but they cannot change it.

Topicsight has three components:

  • Topicsight WebBuild, which processes a Topicscape into a package that can be viewed on-line without a database (Topicscape uses a relational database);
  • Topicsight WebLoad, which loads the Topicscape data and the Java applet to a nominated web site (it will also run locally and does not require a web server); and
  • 3D Topicscape WebView, the applet that allows anyone with the web address and suitable graphics hardware to view the Topicscape.

WebView has the same graphics hardware and driver requirements as Topicscape itself. See Requirements

If you have Java enabled in your browser, and graphics hardware that can run Topicscape, you can still view an example. Our software is safe, but please be aware that there have been repeated malware attacks using browser enabled Java. If you want to try this, it would be advisable to disable Java in the browser afterwards.

See also What is WebView?

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