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Mindmapping, concept mapping in 3D

(G&A has taken over active support of this truly outstanding software.)

G&A sells knowledge and concept organization software that presents information in 3D on your computer screen. Comprehensive 3D simulation on PC screens has in the past been limited mainly to games, architecture and product design, yet it can show so much more information than a 2D presentation.

As the amount of information that knowledge-workers need to absorb and refer back to grows daily, we all need whatever help we can get.

Now, our software humanizes the computer and supports you in concept creation, planning, organization, development and actualization.

Our products can help you to expand your thinking horizons by turning information into knowledge.

Our primary software product is 3D Topicscape.

MIND MAPS® is a registered TM of the Buzan organization. 'PersonalBrain' and 'MindManager' are TM of their respective owners.

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