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Scope of this policy

G&A are the owners of the web sites,,, and If you click on a link to another domain on any of our web pages (i.e. a link to any URL or web address that does not begin with one of the above addresses) you should look for that web site's privacy policy before supplying any personal data. This privacy policy does not apply to any such linked web site, being outside our control.

Collection of personal data

We do not collect your personal data at this web site except where you fill in and submit forms. When you find such forms we will state the purpose for which we are collecting the data, and we will only use it for that purpose.

We track IP addresses for load-balancing on our servers but we do not track them in a way that might eventually be linked to an individual. There is one exception to this -- we collect IP addresses of users making purchases and will seek to use this information to pursue cases of fraudulent credit card use.

We use cookies (small text files that may be downloaded to your computer) but we do not use them to identify website visitors personally. They are used to understand how visitors navigate our site so that we may improve it, to compensate affiliates who assist us in selling our products, and to provide protection against a hacker hi-jacking users' sessions.

When you use the "Recommend to a friend" function from within Topicscape, you will be transferred to our web site and presented with a form on which you enter your and your friend's email address. We do not store your email address nor use it for any other purpose than sending the email. We do keep the recipient's email address for 24 hours to avoid duplicate emails and to avoid other parties' use of our form for spamming. After that the email address is deleted.

Where we collect personal information from visitors who make purchases or apply for beta user status or download our software, we collect only the information required for that purpose, state how it will be used, and use it only in that way. We do not transfer it to any third party except to our payment gateway provider (presently PayPal) or as may be required by law. Purchaser's names and email addresses will be encrypted in the license file sent to purchasers to unlock their copy of Topicscape and provide permanent access. The name and email address will be visible in a purchased, licensed version of Topicscape.

For users who have an account with (for example, beta users and wiki editors) and who log in, we record the last session time (used for checking login status and timeout after inactivity), date and time of download, and any user's submission (change of account password, wiki edit, etc.).

Collection of information that is not personal data

For users who have no account with Topicscape, or account holders who do not log in, we record the nature and time of any downloads, but we do not record this against any personal identification.

We do count visitors to some pages for the purpose of judging the interest shown in these pages, but this is by means of a simple aggregate counter. No information that could be related to an individual is collected.

Use of personal data

We use personal data that you provide only for the purposes stated at the time of collecting the data, except where we have sought your permission and you have given it for other use.

If you send us an e-mail, your name and e-mail address would be used only for the purpose of replying or providing requested assistance or directly-related matters. They would be deleted once that purpose had been fulfilled, unless we enter or have entered a business relationship with you such as when you purchase products or services, in which case your personal data would be treated in accordance with our general policies as stated here.

Failure to supply a name or e-mail address in such cases may mean that we are unable to respond to you.

We reserve the right to collect IP addresses of users making purchases and will seek to use this information to pursue cases of fraudulent credit card use.

Removal of email address from announcement emails lists

If you sign up to be informed of news about our products and later wish to stop receiving these, you may reply to such an email with the word "remove" in the subject line. We shall then remove you from the list. If you have more than one email address, please be sure that the email address in the "Sender" field is the one you wish to have removed.

Applicable law

Our use of personal data is controlled by law which is closely aligned with similar European Union laws promulgated under Directive 95/ /EC of the European Parliament. This is Hong Kong's Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


Complaints or requests for information about your personal data may be made to us at privacy at topicscape dot com. You have the right under Hong Kong law to complain about breaches to the HK Privacy Commissioner's Office ( particularly if we do not respond or comply with a reasonable request concerning your personal data.

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