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There are many 2D mind mapping packages out there, but for the heavy lifting you need 3D Topicscape Pro. 3D Topicscape is different. 3D Topicscape is better.

Users have made great use of Topicscape's ability to have tens of thousands of files in one database. A single topic may have many files attached (hundreds if you wish) and can still be handled easily. It therefore has greatly superior searching, compared with other mind mapping software that forces you to break maps down into more than one, for big projects. If you choose to place files under Topicscape's direct control, the Topicscape can be moved from PC to PC without breaking links.

  • Scan To Do lists with just a glance at a 3D landscape; zoom in and go back instantly; make live links to MS Outlook® tasks, contacts, emails, notes (in Pro).
  • Use the unique information organizer for project managers and mindmappers, and save money as you bask in the comfort of having full control of your information.
  • Do your research on the web while saving web pages in a queue. Just drop a page into the 3D landscape and carry on surfing: It's a real time saver.
  • If you mind map already, greatly expand your mindmapping with unlimited 3D worlds round which you can fly and zoom. Make your information even more visible . . . almost touchable.

Below are some stories of 3D Topicscape in action - the names have been changed, the Topicscapes have been simplified, and personal or sensitive material has been removed.

Stories of 3D Topicscape in action

Mind mapping for organizing recipe reference (The Chef's story)

Using 3D Topicscape, Pierre organizes his recipes, catering-trade information, and food reference.

Concept maps for hobby reference (The genealogy buff)

Richard wanted to organize his family records, family history and genealogy investigations and found that Topicscape allowed him to look at the records by place, people and occupation.

Product design information organizer (The jewelry designer's tale)

Alicia is a jewelry designer. She organized her collection of pictures of both her own and reference designs as a source box for new ideas.

Mind mapping with a family information organizer (The absent-minded father)

Bob found that he needed to organize all his personal and family information in one place. He used 3D Topicscape.

Project organizer (The project manager in control)

Janet is a project manager. In the early stages of planning and gathering material for a new assignment, she pulled it all together in a 3D project mind map, using Topicscape's intuitive landscapes.

Organizing computer files (The software developer's story)

Elspeth is an IT developer who took over a project - first there were mountains of documents to sort, understand and make easier to find in the future . . .

Mindmapping for business research (The organized consultant)

David is a consultant. Using 3D Topicscape, he planned and executed a major study for an NGO on discrimination legislation and its impact on insurance.

Academic assignment meets health information organizer (The freshly-minted MBA)

Bryan is a senior manager who recently qualified as an MBA. During the course, he was given a very tough assignment - to analyze the business opportunities and related ethical considerations arising from cancer in society.

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