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About Topicscape's support services

When you first install Topicscape, it will show you some demonstrations. You can run these at any later time from the Help menu.
Topicscape Pro User Guide - contents list in this wiki.
The list of All Pages in this wiki.
The list of all categories.
Topicscape Installation Guides.
The Users' Guides for Topicscape Lite and the Student Edition (SE) are available for download, and the heavyweight Pro User Guide is in this wiki.
This link will open an illustrated page explaining Topicscape's structure.
You can click on Topicscape's Help menu and select the Send Error Report... item if you experience a problem.
      When reporting a problem, please always send a log if possible - it will allow us to resolve your issue more quickly.
      If you cannot start 3D Topicscape, please try uninstalling it and then re-installing. This will not remove your Topicscape data.
About graphics needed and graphics driver links
When in doubt, use the Search box on the left.
Contact us.
We're on Twitter as @topicscape and will give brief answers to questions tweeted to us there.


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