Mind mapping for organizing recipe reference (The Chef's story)

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The Chef's story

Using 3D Topicscape, Pierre organizes his recipes, catering-trade information, and food reference.


Pierre is a Chef in a highly-rated hotel. He takes his work very seriously and continually gathers new information on recipes, foodstuffs, equipment and cuisines. ... click for larger image ...


Much of the material cross refers extensively, and he finds it useful to be able to classify recipes by cuisine, main food ingredient, suitability to occasion and information on allergies.

Pierre found that 3D Topicscape was a satisfying solution to the problem of information overload and disorganized information. You need to use Topicscape yourself to truly understand how it allows you to plan and encourages you to get organized too.

Download Topicscape now, and have that experience yourself. Want more information first? You can go to our overview of 3D Topicscape.

Or to the Topicscape Pro User Guide to dig down for more detail.

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