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The absent-minded father

Bob found that he needed to organize all his personal and family information in one place. He used 3D Topicscape.


Bob scans all the family's important documents into his PC, and then saves them in Topicscape together with other details and snippets of information. Each item can appear under as many headings as he wants.


When he's looking for a specific item, he can cut the level of detail shown.

Or view his own portion of the Topicscape.



Using Topicscape's ability to have several parents for a topic, Bob can quickly see, for example, all the family's documents that have an expiry date (driver's license, passport and the like). He just searches on expir* and sets the result (Documents with expiry) as the current topic. Then he can open a topic and view documents and his notes on expiry and other significant dates.

Download Topicscape now, and have that experience yourself. Want more information first? You can go to our overview of 3D Topicscape.

Or to the Topicscape Pro User Guide to dig down for more detail.

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