Organizing computer files (The software developer's story)

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The software developer's story

Elspeth is an IT developer who took over a project - first there were mountains of documents to sort, understand and make easier to find in the future . . .


As she worked through the computer files holding documents, spreadsheets and diagrams she built a 3D Topicscape showing the major topics, their sub-topics and so on, and dropped the files into the appropriate topics. Soon she had a clear and complete picture of what was available to her, and it was one that the other team members could easily understand and refer to during discussions.

The ability to add color-coding both the topics (cones) and the occurrences (files and notes) when she had to spot items quickly.

So was Topicscape's support for a description, and notes about the author and source of every file of any type was valuable when taking stock of all the materials available, and later allowed her to find files quickly as the work progressed.


Elspeth not only gained an understanding of the project she was taking over, she ended up with a repository of well-organized material - one factor in helping her handle the project's tricky transition from a previous project manager. You need to use 3D Topicscape yourself to truly understand how it allows you to take control of vital resources.

Download Topicscape now, and have that experience yourself. Want more information first? You can go to our overview of 3D Topicscape.

Or to the Topicscape Pro User Guide to dig down for more detail.

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