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Where's my license?

We sometimes have trouble delivering emails to our buyers because of over-active spam filters or zealous server administrators (we understand their problems!). Sometimes emails bounce back - this helps because we know we have to take other steps. Sometimes they don't, and the first we know of the problem is a frustrated enquiry from a buyer.

When you buy, you will have seen a web page telling you that we were sending you a test email, and to expect your license to follow within one business day. If that email did not arrive, please check your spam filter or junk folder in case it was caught there. If it is not, you will need to give us another email address to try, and you may need to add the following address to your email software or spam filter's "friends" or "whitelist":

custserve at topicscape dot com    (please change this to the usual email address format)

If you did receive the test email, but the license has not come, there are several possibilities:

  • Your email server may reject emails with any kind of attachments (our license file will be called Your Name-license).
  • Your own email software may sideline emails with attachments.
  • You may not have waited one business day - please allow for the fact that we are in Hong Kong (GMT -8 hours) so your Friday afternoon would be Friday night here. Also public holdays vary from those in USA or Europe.

Please check all of these. If all fails, you can Skype our Project Manager (Skype:roy.grubb) or call (+852) 2857-1888 Monday - Friday during office hours, Hong Kong time.

When I open the license file, why do I see a load of junk?

There's no need to open it. Your license file is the one attached to the email that you should have received within one business day of buying Topicscape. It will be a file with your name on it, called something like, "Harry Potter-license". If it is called something like, then your email service (Gmail does this, see below) has compressed the file and you need to decompress it to extract Harry Potter-license which will be inside that.

Then you need to load the license as described at the beginning of this article.

I'm using Gmail, and don't see a file named according to your description in the email

Gmail takes steps to protect you from viruses. All very worthy but it does make things a nuisance for the regular folks sometimes.

  1. Assuming you're accessing in your browser and looking at the Inbox, you should see a paperclip image at the right-hand end of the line for our license email to you.
  2. Double-click on that email and just above Reply   Forward, you should see
Your Name-license
9K   Download
  1. Click on the Download link. You should see a panel with the title "File Download".
  2. Click Save. You should see a file picker with the title "Save As".
  3. Click on Desktop at the left, then click Save.
  4. For safety, Gmail wraps attachment files in a compressed file so you should now have a file called" on your desktop.
  5. Double-click on that. What you see next depends on how your Windows installation is set up. You should either see a folder with a file called "Your Name-license.dat" in it, or the window of some kind of Zip-handling software showing that file.
  6. Drag that file to the desktop, and you should be able to follow our usual instructions to install from that point on.

If you have difficulty with the license loading automatically

Please try manually as follows:

  • Delete or move elsewhere any existing file on your Desktop called xxxxxxx-license
  • Open the email again and copy, download or drag the attachment to the desktop on your computer.
  • Rename it by removing your name and the dash so you end up with a file called just 'license' (without the quotes).
  • Now right-click on that, select Properties from the context menu and check that at the foot of the the Properties panel, the Attributes: checkbox captioned "Read-only" does not have a tick in it. If it does, click on this box to remove the tick. (Some email software makes attachments into read-only files).
  • Finally, find the folder where Topicgrazer is installed: If you accepted the standard locations during installation, this will be: C:\Program Files\Topicgrazer
  • Open Windows Explorer, and at the top in the box captioned "Address", paste or key in "C:\Program Files\Topicgrazer" (without the quotes). Then drag the file called "license" from your desktop to the folder you just opened.
  • Open Topicscape. You should see your name and email address on the left side of the 'Scape, in place of the trial version message.
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