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When you build mind mapping hierarchies in 3D Topicscape, you can do this freely with no theoretical limit on the number of levels. Nor is there a theoretical limit on the number of children, grandchildren and so on that a topic may have. The practical limits would relate to memory size and disk size, but we have never reached such limits yet, even when using very large 3D Topicscapes of thousands of topics, built specifically to test these limits. This is one of 3D Topicscape's most significant differences from other mind mapping software.

To understand the structure quickly and easily, you can click the link to visit our illustrated page: Topicscape 3D mind mapping structure explained

Views - a vista of topics

At any one time you can see up to seven levels spread out in a landscape that can show thousands of topics. This spreads out around the topic that is the focus at that time and you can quickly move up and down the part of the structure that is visible. But often, you will not need to move up and down. Flying around in a landscape is frequently all that is needed, such is the power of the 3D environment, compared to more limited 2D products. This provides a unique visualization of your ideas, project material and references, which we believe is unparalleled in mind mapping and concept-mapping software today.

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