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WebView was a Java program (an 'applet') that could run in a browser and allow an on-line Topicscape to viewed in read-only mode. Its full name was "3D Topicscape WebView" and it was part of the Topicsight suite. WebView was free and at one time would be downloaded to your computer if you visited a web page with a Topicscape loaded on it.

Problems with the security of Java running in a browser made us decide to stop development on this.

For more information, visit WebView Help and the 3D Topicsight introduction.

Requirements to run Topicscape WebView

No longer applicable.

What you could do with it

With WebView, you could fly around the Topicscape, center it around any topic, zoom, enter any topic, and open occurrences (files and notes) found in those topics. You could search just by typing. You could also go to any web location specified in the Details Panel of a topic or occurrence.

Here are some WebViews to visit:


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